Thursday, September 5, 2013

diy thursday: homemade color catcher

Typically I sort my laundry by color. Lights and darks separate. But what about those in-betweens? Sometimes it just feels safer to use a color catcher. This time of year in Arizona we don't really have cold water coming out of the faucet, meaning, when you wash your clothes there is nothing called a cold water cycle  (just varying degrees of warm/hot). That being said, I am especially nervous about colors bleeding when I don't have a choice to use the cold water cycle. In order to save money on this incredibly smart invention, I found a super easy and very budget friendly recipe for making my own color catcher.

White cotton fabric
2 cups of hot water
2 Tbsp washing soda

Cut up some white fabric. I just used some white left over fabric I had on hand.
Dissolve 2 Tbsp washing soda in 2 cups of hot water.
Soak the fabric pieces in the solution.

Hang them to dry.
And they are ready to be used. Just add one to your washing machine when you do your laundry and the cotton and washing soda should grab the dye floating in the water, preventing it from bleeding into your other clothing.