Friday, September 30, 2011

less than 1%

There are many times in life that it is outstanding to be in the less than 1% group ... like if you get a score on a test in school and are among the top 1%.  People often strive to be different, to set themselves apart from the average person. In these cases managing to be unlike 99% plus of the population is a feat and makes people feel special.

Over the last couple of months I have learned that being in this group is not always outstanding and doesn't make me feel special.  You know when you are sick and you get drugs to get better and you read the side effect warnings? They usually list the most common side effects and then they list the "call your doctor right away" side effects and then sometimes they include what they call the black box side effects. Well, to show how special I am ... I have managed to get into the "less than 1% chance" side effects of several antibiotics. YES - SEVERAL! Really? Over the last two months I have managed to be on 5 different antibiotics ... and have had allergic reactions (in the less than 1% category) to 3 of them. Really? When this all started, I remember going back to the pharmacist to ask about a certain symptom regarding whether I should be worried about it. She was like ... no, that shouldn't be a reaction, no one gets that symptom ... I mean unless you are in the less than 1% group or something, but who is really like that? Uhm... ME!

Anyways ... I am thoroughly tired of being sick, especially when most of the sickness is caused by the drugs that are trying to get me well! Just wanted to share with everyone how special I am in case you didn't know;) Actually, there is one area where I feel very special -  I have an amazing husband who has been helping me lots while I have not been able to do much.

Disclaimer... While I usually appreciate advice and natural remedies ... that is not what I am looking for in this post. Michael and I eat well for the most part and try to eat organic etc. Sometimes in the end no matter how well you eat and live ... you still get sick and need drugs. Typically drugs help many people ... unless you are special like me;)