Wednesday, June 3, 2015

congratulations nick and emily!

Last month we went to Washington state to celebrate the wedding of Nick and Emily. Michael was a groomsman so Esther and I flew in a couple of days later so Michael could participate in the groomsman festivities.

Esther did well (for a baby) for her first time flying. And I did ok too;) I did learn a couple of tricks that made flying back to Phoenix better ... All in all Esther and I survived our travels alone, but decided we prefer to have daddy along.

Since the wedding was in Washington we also had the chance to see family. Esther had the chance to meet her auntie, uncle and cousins and great grandma for the first time as well. But more about that later.

As you will notice we didn't manage to get a picture with the groom and bride (lame!), but I guess that is what happens when you attend a wedding with a baby and you flew in just hours before (lesson learned: too much packed into a day for a baby?! who knew. ha!)