Monday, November 28, 2011

learning to lean on others

I have always been very independent so the last two months have been really hard having to rely on others, especially my amazing husband, to do things for me. Not being able to walk well has kept me from doing simple things like house chores and grocery shopping. It has been so frustrating not to be able to really go anywhere and do anything on my own. And it has been hard giving up control and letting others do things for me .

This Thanksgiving we went to Stanwood, Washington to hang out with Michael's family. Since my legs/feet are still in pain and I can only walk very slowly - we had to get a wheelchair. It felt weird and awkward to be driven around like that. We got to pre-board on the airplane and I felt uncomfortable - like an impostor or something. Michael had to remind me several times on the trip that they have these things for people like me. It is still not easy to get used to.