Sunday, November 13, 2011


I just love Skype. I remember back in the day when it cost so much to call long distance ... let alone all the way to Denmark. We used to have to spend more than $1 per minute to call family and friends in Denmark and now it is less than 3 cents via Skype ... or of course completely free if calling Skype to Skype. Even though I love Phoenix, I really miss my family and wish we lived closer. I hate the thought of my new nephew not knowing his aunt Signe. BUT that is where Skype comes in ... it at least makes the distance a little better as I am able to see my family's faces while we talk. I love being able to sing Danish children's songs to Anders and see him smile at the screen above:) What a cutie. I look forward to seeing my family at Christmas, but till then Skype is my connection.