Thursday, June 21, 2012


Here is the hotel that Michael's great great grandfather started building in 1903 (it was finished in 1905 and they have since added on). We didn't know what to expect at Grolti. We knew it was located in the middle of nowhere (connecting Eastern and Western Norway) and that it was still family owned (meaning Michael was related to the owners in some way, but I will get to that in another post).  It was indeed located in the middle of nowhere. Since we came with the bus we had no way to get to any other towns (the nearest town was 40 km away) so we were "stuck" there with the hotel and the mountains and the snow. It was beautiful and quiet. It was really quiet. I kept asking Michael to listen and all we could hear was the buzzing of our ears. We spent the day leisurely walking around and reading. I am not used to days of SUCH rest. It was weird, but probably really good for my soul. I don't think I could live there permanently since I love living near the city, but it would probably be good to be completely unplugged once in a while even though that proves difficult for me. Michael on the other hand would be fine living remotely like this.
It never got completely dark while we were there...
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