Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We just returned from a trip to Denmark and Norway. We had such a wonderful time.

Having grown up in Danmark and having spent my formative years there before moving to the states, Danmark is home. Even though I haven't lived there since the late nineties I still refer to it as home. I assume this means that one can have more than one home since I also refer to where I currently live as home. Even though I haven't lived there for many years and I am not able to return but every couple of years, there is a peaceful feeling of belonging when I spend time there. When people asked prior to us leaving what I looked forward to, it was of course seeing family and friends, but beyond familiar faces - it was just being there. Soaking up the culture, the smells, and sounds of what I know to be Danmark. This is a place where I feel understood in a different way. I often feel that my friends there understand certain aspects of me better. Since my American friends here have mostly only known me during my adult years, it is sometimes nice being in a place with family and friends who have known me either since I was born or at least during my younger years. Such history can be comforting and relaxing and can evoke a sense of belonging. I love being able to reflect on memories while also catching up on the present.

I will share more about our trip and share pictures in the days to come.