Thursday, July 19, 2012

diy thursday: natural liquid soap


The last couple of years and especially since I have gotten sick, I have been more committed to using natural ingredients ... including in our cleaning products. Purchasing all natural cleaning products can add up. So when I read on pinterest about how to make your own natural liquid soap I decided to try it. I was a little bit nervous whether it would actually work after reading mixed reviews about the results. I therefore decided to make half a gallon instead of a whole as the recipe asks for.  I bought a natural bar of soap at Sprouts for just over $2 (I love that store). As the recipe calls for, I used a grated bar of soap (I used a 4oz bar since I was only making half a gallon of soap), 1 table spoon vegetable glycerin, and half a gallon of distilled water (distilled because it doesn't have bacteria that could cause the soap to go bad). 

I heated the mixture until the soap dissolved and then let it sit for 10 hours (even though it was pretty firm after 3-4 hours)
After 10 hours it was more firm than I preferred so I just added some more distilled water (please excuse the distilled white vinegar that snuck into the picture. I didn't use that for this project:)) and used a hand mixer to get it to the right consistency. And voila, I ended up with half a gallon of natural liquid soap for less than $4. That is a pretty good deal. The soap doesn't lather as much as store bought soaps, but it cleans just as well.

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