Monday, July 2, 2012


Before our trip to Norway, I had some of my family connect me with Sigri Skaare. All I knew was that she was in some way related to me, though I didn't know how exactly. Through email correspondence, she was kind enough to offer up her place for us to stay one night. Upon arrival, Signe and I were promptly greeted by a spunky, excited Norwegian woman. We felt very welcome. One of first things Sigri did was bring me a letter written by my late Grandpa Lund less than a year before he passed away. The letter was written to Sigri and was a general update wherein he mentioned each of his grandchildren, including Signe and I. It was surreal to read my late grandfather's words, especially those written about me. The letter brought tears to my eyes, as did an old card and several photo albums. 

Shortly after arriving, I discovered my relation to Sigri. Her late husband was my Grandpa Lund's cousin. In other words, their mothers were sisters and therefore daughters to the same man: Sevald Grotli (my great great grandfather - see photo above). 

In addition to cooking us a traditional, hearty, and delicious Norwegian meal (Rømmegrøt), Sigri had also invited over her daughter (my mother's second cousin), her husband, and also Sigri's late husband's nephew. We enjoyed an evening of food, coffee, and much conversation. Signe and I felt so welcomed by my newly discovered family and feel blessed to have connected with Sigri. 

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  1. very cool! you guys had such an interesting trip!!!!!!!!!!