Saturday, August 23, 2014

i'm so proud and honored to know this boy

I have introduced you before to a very special boy named Antony (and his brother Lawrence) here and here. This boy has a very special place in my heart. I have known him since he was about five years old. He is now about 13 years old and I am so proud of him and so honored to be part of his life. In July I was blessed to see him for the fourth time. One thing that had changed since my last visit was the absence of his spunky grandmother. She is old and has fallen ill and isn't able to live with Antony and Lawrence anymore. For the first time it really really sunk in how difficult their life is and is going to be. I mean, I obviously was aware of it before from past visits, but it hit me hard this time around. This visit was both an incredible highlight, but also incredibly difficult at the same time.

Antony and his brother Lawrence are orphans. They don't really have any reliable caretakers so they take care of everything on their own. They must find and fetch water, cook the meals (assuming there is anything to eat), milk the cow (so thankful they have one even if it doesn't produce much) etc. And they are still going to school. They aren't doing well in school, however, because of everything they are responsible for outside of school. In the past eight years Antony has only made it to the 3rd grade. But I am super proud of him! I am proud of him for still going to school and trying his best. I am proud of him for being as strong as he is and capable of taking care of himself - and still having a smile on his face. I am proud of him for having a roof over his head and being more responsible than he should be at his age in the same culture. I am so thankful that he and his twin brother have each other. I am thankful that they can do this life together. Most likely they have a really hard life ahead of them. That makes my heart ache. My role is not to sweep in and "save" them, but I can pray for them. Seeing  them and where they live helps me know how to pray for them. And that I am committed to doing. When we peeked into their room they share with their calf, I saw his bible as one of his only possessions. I pray that despite of his circumstances he will know the Lord and lean on Him.