Thursday, August 28, 2014

together we are stronger

One of my highlights while in Njuruta was visiting an IGA group (Income Generating Activities). We have done trainings with them on past trips, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to sit down at one of their meetings and hear about everything they have accomplished together. Wow! I was blown away by how much they were able to accomplish together and how well they take care of each other. 

After sharing a meal together, they gave us an update on how their group was doing (their group is one of the most successful in Njuruta). We were thrilled to hear how they had pooled money to make sure that each one of them had 5 goats and chickens to help provide food. Likewise they had pooled enough money to purchase solar panels for everyone so they can have a little electricity. This is among other things very important for the education of their community as it provides light for the students to use as they study. They also shared about their future plans to use their pooled savings to generate income for the group. 

I am so proud of all they have accomplished and how dedicated they are to furthering the development and success of their community. I love how they look out for each other and trust each other. What an incredible reminder that together we can accomplish so much more. Together we are stronger. 

As a parting gift we received a big box of eggs. Wow, what an incredible gift! We are humbled by their generosity.