Monday, September 1, 2014

building a new classroom

One of the projects we helped support while we were in Njuruta was the building of a new classroom. When we were there in 2012 we saw their new brick maker and one of the classrooms they had built with the bricks they had made. This year we got to witness (and help a tiny bit) as they started building yet another classroom. It is so encouraging to see how much they value education and making sure their students have a good environment to learn (see this post for pictures of their old classrooms). They seem to understand how important education is to the flourishing and future of their community. Nicer classrooms also help attract teachers to the area and since they have started building better classrooms more teachers have come. 

One of the days we were there we helped lay the foundation of the new classroom, which meant helping gather large rocks.  

As the days went by it was fun to see the progress as the community came together to help build the classroom.