Friday, September 21, 2012

a community coming together

One of the exciting and encouraging things we got to see while we were in Njuruta was the new classroom the community had built. 

When I visited Njuruta for the first time in 2007, this was what the classrooms looked like (see below). Not the optimal learning environment especially given the very windy conditions. Combine the wind with dirt floors and the "air vents" in the walls and the result doesn't promote good focused learning. 

Unfortunately, these classrooms are still in use today, BUT the community just finished building a beautiful new one.

After receiving a brick maker, the community of Njuruta learned how to make their own bricks. On their own they figured out how to make the bricks even more sturdy to last longer. How amazing it was to see how the community came together to build something like this. What a sharp contrast in building style between the two buildings. 

It may not seem like such a big deal to have a better classroom, but in a place like Njuruta education is everything. It is the key to future success in the community and in the lives of the individuals seeking to get further education. Having a nicer school can also help attract good teachers. Currently the community only has five teachers, but they have eight grades. 

It is so encouraging to see what the community can accomplish when they work together. They were so proud of this project and how they worked through the obstacles on their own. And they should be proud. What an amazing accomplishment. 

On our last day in Njuruta the community dedicated the building. What a blessing.  I look forward to seeing more classrooms like this the next time we return. 
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