Saturday, September 22, 2012

training leaders

In Njuruta we had the privilege of training some of their leaders. It is amazing to see how eager they are to learn and how far they have come in the last year. 

Michael and one of the other team members, Jim, taught a leadership seminar for the Income Generating Activity groups.

Michael and Jim lead a discussion on team building and trust. As part of teaching about team building, Jim asked each group to build a Lego boat to see how each group worked together as a team. It was fun to see how groups who have never seen Legos let alone built anything with Legos try to work through the exercise.  They also had fun with the trust walk exercise.  I was so inspired by their willingness to try new things and to share about the struggles of each group. We could learn from that.  It is encouraging to hear how far they have come in just a year. And to hear their desire to work together and support each other through these groups.

Another day, I, along with another team member Anna, led a Sunday School Teacher training.  They again were so willing to learn and they had great questions. They have such an important ministry to children under conditions we cannot imagine here in America. I am so amazed by what they do. 

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