Monday, February 11, 2013

milling mondays: aristocrat cookies (aristokrater)

Aristocrat cookies (or as we call them in Denmark, Aristokrater) are a very common Danish cookie. These buttery almond cookies with a touch of lemon are yummy and crunchy and not too sweet.
Whole Wheat Aristocrat Cookies (Aristokrater)
150g butter, softened
100g canola oil
200g sugar
1 egg
graded lemon peel of one lemon
250g whole wheat flour (167g soft wheat berries and 83g hard wheat berries)
25g finely chopped almonds for topping
recipe yields about 50 cookies
Pre-heat oven to 395F.
If you mill your own flour, then mill your soft and hard wheat berries. I use the pastry setting on my WonderMill. Since this is a dessert dough, sift the flour once removing some of the bran in order to make it less dense.
Stir together butter, oil and sugar. I use my KitchenAid mixer.
Next, mix in the egg.
Finally, mix in the graded lemon peel and flour.
When the dough has come together you are ready to form the cookies.
On a greased cookie sheet (or a pastry mat) place a teaspoon of dough on the sheet. Using the teaspoon, flatten out the dough in a circular motion into a thin cookie (see below). And top each cookie with the finely chopped almonds.
Bake the cookies for about 6-8 minutes until the edges are golden. Since these cookies are very thin they will bake quickly, so check on them to make sure they don't burn.


Let them cool on a rack. As they cool they will become more crispy
 Enjoy! These crunchy yummy cookies are great for any occasion.