Tuesday, October 2, 2012

medical camp

One of the days we were in Njuruta we held a medical camp. Food for the Hungry arranged for a team of medical, pharmacy and dental residents from Meru to come to Njuruta to help with the camp. Even though Meru is close to Njuruta none of them had been there before. It was a great day where over 350 people (mostly children) received a check up. Wounds were bandaged, medicine prescribed, and teeth extracted. It was wonderful to be able to be part of such an important day. These people cannot easily get medical help because going to Meru is a difficult journey given the condition of the roads - so what an incredible thing to be able to bring the medical professionals to them. 

One of our teammates, Oliver, who is a doctor, led a hygiene seminar for the parents and guardians and answered medical questions they had. He also was able to help a boy from a neighboring community, Marere, get glasses so he can see again. I remember this boy from my previous visits to Marere. He was always such a happy boy full of energy and smiles. I had no idea that he was unable to see. What a great day!

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