Saturday, October 20, 2012

social day

Our last day in Njuruta was the 2012 NJURUTA SOCIAL DAY. What a blast. It was such an incredible day seeing the entire community coming together to have fun. I just love how they take time to laugh and have fun despite their circumstances. Wow. So much we can learn from them. 

The day was filled with fun and games. EVERY age group participated! And every age group gave it their ALL. If it was a foot race - everyone sprinted as fast as they could regardless of their age. I love it.  A fun surprise was the break we had to take because of the RAIN! Yes, rain. Praise the Lord for the rain. It was short, but we are still thankful for any rain they get.

They took this social day very seriously so they spent time stretching before beginning the games ... and so did we:)

At the end of the day prices were handed out to the winners of the games. The prices were things that they needed in their homes such as wash basins, mugs, bowls etc.

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