Saturday, October 6, 2012

the road to njuruta

One day as we were driving to Njuruta we saw an amazing sight. As we were arriving for the day we saw the community working hard on the road in the sweltering heat. All of the women and many of the men were outfitted with whatever tools they could find trying to break apart the big boulders so they could be more "easily" removed. Wow, what an incredible sight!  This task seems so overwhelming and I am not sure I would even have tried to attempt it. It is a long harsh road full of large boulders fitted well into the ground. I was so encouraged to see this community come together and not be discouraged by the task at hand, but to rather meet it head on.  These people know that a smoother road means better teachers and better access to water, medical help etc. This community knows that if they just wait for someone to come and clear the road for them, they will wait for a long, long time. Instead they know that working together they can accomplish this task that seems so staggering.

What a great reminder for us to not give up if a task seems too overwhelming, but to rather tackle it one part at a time.

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