Saturday, August 10, 2013

super sweet

Anyone who really knows me, knows I love sweets ... so being off sugar this month, doesn't really make sense, does it?! But that is for another time, and for me to dream about and eat in September:)

Anyways, speaking of sweet ... my sweet friend nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. Thanks Emily, I think you are pretty sweet yourself:)

So  here are the rules for the Super Sweet Blogger award:
      • Thank the super sweet blogger who kindly nominated you for the award.
      • Answer five super sweet questions.
      • Nominate a dozen other bloggers who you think deserve the award.
      • Comment to them to let them know you nominated them.

Time for the 5 sweet questions:
      1. Cookies or cake? YES
      2. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate. I love chocolate. I mean, I wont discriminate if there is only vanilla, but will always be partial to dark chocolate.
      3. Favorite sweet treat? Too hard to narrow it down to a favorite, depends on my mood.
      4. When do you crave sweet things the most? When I haven't had them for a month:)
      5. If you had a sweet nick name, what would it be? My husband calls me honey sometimes, so lets go with that one?!

My super sweet nominees:
  • So can you renominate? If so, then Emily is such a hilarious blogger. I love how she writes, I tend to actually laugh out loud when reading her blogs. Glad she started blogging:) 
  • My sister-in-law Ashley of course writes about a topic I am very interested in, often featuring my sweet and adorable nephews. She is so creative and too makes me laugh out loud.
  • Allison writes about her fun and interesting adventures with real honesty. 
  • Holly is so artistic and a great writer. I always look forward to reading her blog whether it is about the latest vegan recipe or her exploration of motherhood ... and did I mention she makes amazing jewelry too?
  • Kendra is also artistic (you should check out her drawings/art), I love her incredible honesty. 
  • Molly encourages me as I read about her adorable family that God has blessed her with, giving me hope that one day too we will have a family as well.
  • Jenny writes about her amazing work in Honduras through her non-profit, the Children's Home Project.
  • I love reading my husbands blog, I think he is a good write and thinker which challenges me.
  • I also love food blogs so I will give them a shout out even though they are probably too cool for me:) ... some of my favorites are Pinch of Yum and Oh She Glows and of course you can't have a super sweet blogger nominee and not mention Chocolate Covered Katie.