Thursday, May 2, 2013

diy thursday: refreshing summer drink

I drink a lot of water, but sometimes I just crave something else. Most flavored drinks contain unnatural ingredients and have tons of sugar (or artificial sweeteners that are not healthy either) which quite frankly I am not interested in. Many people put lime or lemon in their water to spruce it up. While I do enjoy that, unfortunately citrus isn't friendly on my bladder these days. When we took a trip to San Diego a couple of months ago, our host made this refreshing drink. The water was spruced up with cucumbers, mint and ginger. What a wonderful combination. And all of them are bladder friendly and anti inflammatory (in case you are wondering) AND all natural and healthy. You can actually pronounce all of the ingredients.  Yumm.
In order to make this refreshing summer drink, all you need to do is cut up cucumber, fresh mint leaves and ginger (making sure to peel the ginger first).

Then just add it all to your water.
Enjoy this when you are tired of drinking plain water or don't want to drink store bought drinks with artificial sweeteners and ingredients no one knows how to pronounce.

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